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Serving the Needs of Addicts and Inmates in Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties.

Ask About Contributing to Our Service to the Community by Calling 800-347-7239

Yahweh International of Robert Fairchild, Jr. Ministries is a Christian street ministry serving the needs of addicts on the streets of Los Angeles & San Bernardino Cnty. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the “unseen”, the down-trodden and desperate homeless individuals who have become enslaved to drugs and alcohol. We care.

Additional Ministries

  • Building Fund—raising funds for the eventual building of The AGAPE Home Mission.
  • Mail Order Distribution Company—we send inspirational materials to people who need and
  • order them.
  • NewFoundation Productions—our Christian Contemporary music production company.
  • Prison Ministry—we enter prison and jails and provide spiritual guidance and
  • encouragement to inmates.
  • Word for the Day—we text encouragement to those who would like a daily morning spiritual
  • rejuvenation message for the day. For those interested, send us your request and phone
  • number to [email protected].

For more information about our services, please contact us by calling 800-347-7239 .